Saturday, 21 March 2015

The one with the competition

Da da da da da da daaaaaaa! (It's a trumpet fanfare, of course)

And so, the lovely people at Craft Daily TV and myself are offering a wonderful giveaway - 
The chance to win my Yarny basket (handmade by me and the very one featured in my new book).

And actually, not just the Yarny basket.
The Yarny basket filled to the brim with gorgeous yarn and other lovely goodies!

If you fancy entering the competition, it couldn't be easier. You need to be a UK resident, then click here and you'll be whisked away to the Craft Daily TV website where you can enter.
No difficult questions, no answers in 100 words or less, no jumping through hoops.
Just a simple 'subscribe to the newsletter' email entry and you're done.

The competition will close on March 29th, when a winner will be drawn at random, blah-de-blah, usual conditions apply, see website for details.

Good luck!

Sarah xx

Monday, 16 March 2015

Today is the day

Do you like crochet?
Do you like mahooosive yarn?
Do you like big hooks too??

Then tune in to Craft Daily TV this week to see moi crocheting up a chunky yarn storm with some fabulous projects from my new book.

Here's where to find me:

Craft Daily TV is the UK’s first and only instructional TV programme and broadcasts on Mondays at 10.30am, and Thursdays at 7pm on Sky 192, Freesat 402 and Freeview 244 (select showcaseTV).

Sarah x

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Crochet a magic circle

Probably one of the most useful little tricks I know, this one.

It's a great way to start off your projects in the round (hats, toys etc) as it leaves a nice neat finish, with no visible hole.

And it's really not difficult, either.

I tried a few techniques until I settled on this one, which I thought I'd share with you.

Enjoy crocheting,
Sarah xx

Sunday, 8 February 2015

The one where she does Youtube

So I've thinking for ages about making some video content for my blog and I've had lots of lovely peeps asking me for patterns, tutorials and the like in video format.

No, I said emphatically.
I am too technologically challenged to even comprehend how to achieve such things.

And then a while ago, I got a smart phone and a tablet and all these impossible tasks became a little easier.

Actually, a lot easier.

And so, buoyed by my recent adventures on film, I decided to have a go.

I wanted something which looked ok, but the most important thing was its clarity; I wanted the videos to be informative and clear.

So now, with a little precarious balancing of the ipad on the corner of the coffee table and trying to record audio inbetween the dog barking and the kids demanding biscuits, I have cobbled together a few videos.

It's just a little start, but I intend to cover the basic stitches, as well as some simple projects and a few patterns from my blog, too.

The clips are just over there on the left sidebar, so do have a look, and I'd love it if you subscribed to my channel too- just click on that button at the top and you won't miss out on anything new.

Right, am off to order a proper ipad-holder-bracket-type-thingy from a well-known online retailer.....

Wishing you all a fab week,

P.S. do let me know if there's anything you'd like to see as a YouTube tutorial.. x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The one where she does some telly

Oh yes, indeedy. 
Been asked to do some TV work, I have.

Here's me in action, trying to look like the fountain of all crochet knowledge, with my fabulous co-star, Sarah Callard from F&W Media.

So let me fill you in; Craft Daily is linked to my publisher and they thought it would be nice to film a few short programmes to link with a couple of projects in my new book.

And so I jetted off drove down for a short break in Hollywood Devon, where filming took place. 
And what a fab day it was. 
Totally exhausting, and completely brilliant.

We managed to film about 40 minutes of footage, including two projects from the book and one completely new pattern, designed exclusively for the show (and I'll be blogging the pattern here, too!)

(Sneak peak)

And so how may do your view this awesomeness, I hear you ask?

Well, here's the blurb from the website:
Craft Daily is available to watch on Freeview, as well as Freesat and Sky.  If you have an Internet connected TVs or HD Freeview box connected to the Internet, you can watch Craft Daily on channel 244 – Vision TV – just select showcaseTV.
The show airs on Freeview at exactly the same time as the Sky and Freesat showings, that is 10,30am on Mondays, 9pm on Tuesdays and 7.30pm on Thursdays.
The first two dates for viewing are Monday 16th March and Monday 23rd March , so don't miss out. The shows are also available on the website a couple of weeks after airing.

Wishing you a fab week!
Sarah x